What do you know about Social Marketing? Just imagine if you started your own business and it was successful.
I’m not sure if this is for you but most people find it well worth 10 – 15 minutes of their time exploring my website, getting to know me and what I offer in a business and a partnership.
Everyone has a dream. Maybe you want to be financially independent or have time freedom?  Do you have a plan for getting there? What are your options? Would a home based, online business be the solution?
Would it be OK if I ask you two questions please?
  1. If your main source of income dried up tomorrow how long could you continue to live the lifestyle you currently enjoy? And
  2. If you continue to do what you are currently doing for the next 5 years where will you be?
It does make you think.  I’m working to replace my husband’s income so that he can retire.  Just out of curiosity what would you gladly work towards?
Would you be open minded enough to have a chat over Skype or Zoom to explore your options?
Thank you,
About ME
Why did I choose social marketing?

I experienced the pain of having a poorly child some years ago and had to take a career break.  During that break I dipped my toes in the direct sales industry and had some success but once my daughter was well again I returned to my Foreign office role as it was important to me to continue my career.  

Fast forward a few years and I was finding the juggling of child care and work difficult.  The commute was long and I decided to walk away from my career.  After a couple of years of not working I wanted to have my own income again and social marketing presented itself as an option.
 I was looking for flexibility, time freedom and financial freedom.  I wanted to be more present in my children’s lives and a long commute was not an option. 
After exploring this profession I realised that it offered all I was looking for if you were prepared to work and I was.  I’ve never been happier and wouldn’t change my decision for the world!

Have you heard of social marketing? It’s sometimes called Network Marketing as building a business is done by networking.  I like to call it “Social” as it really is about building relationships and you can do it via social media too.

It’s a 21st century business and highly recommended by some incredible people like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins.  


It’s an incredibly simple way to build a business and one of the reasons I love it is that I won’t succeed unless I help others to succeed.  It’s a real pay it forward system.  It also has relatively low start up costs as you don’t need a store or huge amounts of stock and all the training and learning you might need is free and online.

Social marketing is simply word of mouth marketing.  Have you ever recommended a book, film or restaurant to another person?  We all do it regularly and large corporations rely on this to help sell their wares, few compensate you for doing it.

In social marketing you get paid for those referrals.  It’s genius!

Social media gives us all a huge opportunity to connect with others all over the world making this such a fabulous business to be in.  All I do is to buy pure, safe and beneficial products from my own online store, share them with others and coach and train others to do the same.

To be successful in social marketing takes time, effort and you will need to learn new skills but it’s worth it and so are you.

Does that sound exciting to you?

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